about us

Who We Are

CLOC (Corporate Legal Operations Consortium) is a 501(c)6 non-profit professional association. CLOC’s mission is to help legal operations professionals  and other core corporate legal industry players (e.g. tech providers, law firms, LPO’s, law schools, etc.) to optimize the legal service delivery models needed to support the needs of small, medium and large legal  departments.

Our Founding Principles

  • Education
  • Improved Delivery of Legal Services
  • Support Industry Change
  • Connect the Ecosystem
  • Networking

Early Formation

CLOC evolved from a small group of focused legal operations professionals who frequently met to exchange their  opinions, information, and best practices. These early professionals were eager to share what they had learned, and  practiced, to better understand the role of legal operations, as well as the impact and value demonstrated by this new  function/role to the organization.

In 2016, they recognized the growing demand and need for legal operations education, development, and outreach  across many other corporations and throughout the legal ecosphere. This founding group of professionals responded by  forming the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC) and organized the first CLOC Institute to meet the demand. Organized in under three months, the event drew over 500 attendees to San Francisco, California. It was clear that a  movement had been born. 

CLOC Today

CLOC continues with its same founding principles. Legal operations best practices only evolve from sharing,  collaborating and crowd-sourcing throughout the industry. New practitioners don’t have to start from scratch or  reinvent the wheel. CLOC members innovate, take risks and tilt the status quo in order to come up with new ideas,  streamline operations, reduce costs and improve departmental ROI.

In 2019, CLOC expanded its focus to collaborate more with law firms. Law firm legal operation professionals can now  collaborate and share ideas with in-house legal operations professionals.

CLOC has guided and supported the legal operations profession globally through its 2,000+ members, 300+ law firm  participants, board of directors and staff, creating change and advancing the legal operations role across the entire legal  ecosystem.


As the leader in introducing legal operations as an industry recognized profession, our mission is to work with our members, law firms, service providers, and partners to power industry innovation and drive positive change.

We strive to provide superior member benefits through education, networking, and collaboration opportunities and continue to foster a culture of agile, prolific knowledge sharing and collaboration to create content and that can be leveraged across the legal ecosystem to promote standardization.

CLOC partners with industry thought leaders, experts and educationalists to innovate, take risks and tilt the status quo in order to streamline operations, reduce costs and leverage BI and metrics to improve departmental ROI. 

As departments, and the role of the legal operation professional evolve, CLOC’s global community of members and law firm participants will continue to lead the charge in running legal department’s like a dynamic, scalable business. 

Learn more at cloc.org.