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Contract, Project and Matter Management Workflow Automation Software

Built by business and technology experts.

Built by the original in house lawyers and tech experts who helped grow GoDaddy into a billion-dollar company, Bigfork Tech’s workflow automation software is one stop shop for your contract, project and matter management needs, saving you time and money on day one. Why are we the leaders in workflow automation? Because we have more than seventy years of combined business and legal technology experience working for Fortune 500 companies, law firms, technology companies, government agencies, and nonprofits. Our legal operations software is proved through trial and error in many different settings over many years.

Practical experience matters.

Owners Christine Jones and Tanya Avila created ways to overcome the contract and project management pain points that prevented their clients’ success. They lived the frustration of manual processes like searching through thousands of emails or creating standard documents from scratch. Likewise, they know the burden of searching for misplaced documents. They struggled with managing their workforce with complicated excel spreadsheets that rarely hit the mark. They understand the time and money teams waste on expensive, clunky software that is big on promises and short on solutions. Rather than continuing to invest in time-consuming manual processes and dust collecting shelfware, they took action. They came up with their own solutions that helped their clients improve and successfully grow their businesses. Bigfork Tech focuses on innovative, practical workflow and productivity solutions.

Innovative solutions for real-life workflow problems.

Team Bigfork Tech understands the keys to success are innovative solutions that not only save time and money but also foster seamless internal and external collaboration so a company can readily scale and expand its footprint.

Bigfork Tech’s legal automation software, ALOE, is the only fully customizable contract lifecycle, project and matter management workflow solution that you will actually use on a daily basis. Unlike others, it adapts to the way you work rather than the other way around. ALOE is easy to use with immediate time, money, collaboration, and risk management benefits to you and your team. Moreover, ALOE consolidates all of your needs on one simple platform by including project tracking, contract and matter management, secure document storage and metrics reporting.  Never waste another moment searching through emails, deciphering complicated spreadsheets, or recreating lost documents. Instead, ALOE allows you to focus on high value projects rather than administrative headaches. With its integration with Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, DocuSign, Salesforce and more, ALOE empowers you to continue to manage your business in a way that works for you while maximizing efficiency. In addition, our patent pending Workpoints resource allocation system takes the guesswork out of managing your team’s assignments so you can increase workforce productivity.

Team Bigfork Tech continues to innovate and provide solutions that are responsive to your needs. We deliver a complete solution that saves more than ten hours per person per week. You will walk into C-suite meetings with proof of success in hand.