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Corporate Counsel Business Journal (CCBJ)

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For more than 25 years, general counsel and other members of the in-house legal community have relied on Corporate Counsel Business Journal for leading-edge information tailored to their specific needs. We do this through a unique partnership conceived by founder Al Driver, former GC of one of the world’s leading retailers.

Our model, focused on service, not profits, proved potent. It is built on the common ground shared by multiple constituencies: the world’s leading corporate law departments; outside counsel from elite law firms; innovative companies with products and services designed to help corporate law departments serve their clients more efficiently and effectively; and various individuals and groups, including educators, businesspeople, bar associations, legal foundations, and civil justice reform advocates, with agendas shared by GCs and their in-house teams.

Unlike other publications catering to the in-house bar, CCBJ cuts through the noise, eschewing glitz and gossip, to deliver timely, in-depth content with a laser focus on serving the interests of its partners. That’s why we continue to evolve and serve 25 years later. Yes, the role of in-house counsel has changed in many ways, big and small, but so have we in ways that assure we consistently deliver value to our readers and partners.

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