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CyberClarity360™ brings efficiency, scalability and accuracy to organizations managing cyber risk and regulatory compliance across large ecosystems of third-party vendors. We have hundreds of law firms and legal vendors in our assessment exchange, allowing us to quickly help you understand the risks in your Outside Counsel portfolio.
With the continued rise of cyber threats, you must understand how your most trusted partners protect your confidential and highly sensitive information. Data supply chain security is every corporation’s responsibility and a critical area of concern, because trusted partners are often the weakest point in your defense against cyber attacks.
Our out-of-the-box solution can be deployed in as little as seven days and our low-cost pricing delivers a clear and fast ROI. Our flexible platform can also be configured to meet your organization’s specific risk assessment needs.
If legal vendor cyber risks are a concern, choose CyberClarity360™ to see threats clearly and act confidently. 
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