Dazychain: Legal Operations Platform

Dazychain: Legal Operations Platform

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Dazychain centralises your legal operations on one easy to use cloud platform

    •    Monitor, manage and report on risk, resources and matters

    •    Manage your team’s workload with oversight and control over individual worklists

    •    Access critical data including matters, documents, emails and invoices instantly

    •    Generate real-time strategic reports on any area of your legal operations with dashboards

    •    Find information related to a matter, even years after it was closed

    •    Drag and drop documents and emails to file them against open matters

    •    Your data is securely hosted in the cloud   

“Dazychain has allowed us to get our legal house in order. We have command as to the volume and the velocity, the risk, the effort, all recorded in one spot. It allows us to have a conversation around capacity that is based on facts and quantitative data rather than using the usual lawyer buzzword, which is to say that one is busy or at capacity… As a team, we’re using business language to describe where we’re putting our effort, where we’re adding value, and of course, where our capacity is at.” Anna Lozynski, General Counsel, L’Oréal

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