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Helm360 is a full-service IT company specializing in technology solutions for legal and professional services firms. We are a Thomson Reuters Implementation Partner and Reseller Partner with deep expertise in ProLaw, Elite 3E, and Elite Enterprise.
Our flagship product, Termi, is an AI-enabled chatbot solution for internal knowledge management. It hooks into all major practice management systems, document management systems, and business applications, enabling your users to quickly find the data and documents they need by simply typing questions. No more waiting on support staff for reports or overwhelming the help desk with tickets! Termi makes every user at your firm more productive by putting knowledge at their fingertips, whenever and wherever they need it.
Helm360’s other offerings include managed services, ProLaw cloud hosting, 3E performance testing, and more. With our proven onshore/offshore business model, we have the capacity to perform high-quality work around the world while maintaining cutting-edge tech capabilities and a high-caliber level of customer service.