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Hire an Esquire, Inc.

100 South Juniper Street Third Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19107, USA
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Hire an Esquire uses technology, psychology, and our national network of 12,000+ verified and vetted legal professionals to provide in-house legal departments with unprecedented EQ and ease at staffing specialized flexible legal talent.

Get instant candidate recommendations based on both hard and soft skills when you post your role on our platform. With the breadth of our network and the accuracy of our recommendations >70% of our placements result from instant recommendations. 

See how well a candidate will fit your role with our custom Fit Score, developed from decades of validated  Industrial-Organizational Psychology and legal industry research on predicting performance. Hire an Esquire is structured as a full-service legal staffing agency and handles payroll, employment compliance, benefits, and insurance requirements

Founded in 2011, our investors include Ulu Ventures, the fund of Google’s Lawyer #2, and Dentons (the world’s largest law firm) via NextLaw Labs. 

Hire an Esquire

  • ~20% of our legal professional network has AmLaw and/or Fortune 500 backgrounds

  • 12,000+ Attorneys and Legal Professionals  are verified, vetted and registered to work with us

  • 1,000+ law firms and in house legal departments hire with us

  • +15% in diverse placements with data-driven fit scores

  • 2-3x increase in client satisfaction metrics (contractor callbacks, and converting contractors to full-time employees) since implementing and iterating soft skill assessments and fit scores in 2016

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