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Immediation is the world’s first comprehensive global online dispute resolution platform, created for in-house counsel.  Immediation offers access to justice online in a way that is simple, impartial and fast. It was designed by our team of barristers, General Counsels and solicitors who together have over 150 years’ combined experience in the law.

Immediation is a unique service providing an end-to-end solution for the online resolution of disputes. It can be accessed from the cloud, without having to download software. We offer you access to a panel of over 100 highly experienced, leading experts that we’ve vetted and handpicked for their skills in settling or determining disputes. They range from retired judges, barristers, law firm partners and senior solicitors, as well as career ADR professionals. They are all highly experienced in mediation, arbitration, neutral evaluation and expert determination, are independent and won’t take sides.

Immediation’s service is transparent, with fixed up-front fees. We understand that in-house counsel seek commercial options to resolve disputes in a swift, cost-effective and risk-aware manner. It is ideal for regional, interstate or international matters, as you don’t have to leave your desk.

Immediation provides everything that’s needed to resolve your dispute in one place without having to go to court. However if proceedings have been issued, Immediation’s streamlined process can be quickly accessed for pre-trial mediation. You can use the platform with, or without, your external lawyers and can invite guests and witnesses to participate.

Accessed by business and individuals, it is impartial and non-aggressive, focussed on resolving disputes, avoiding escalation and maintaining business relationships.

The Immediation platform enables disputing parties to submit their side of a dispute online and upload material evidence to support or defend their claim. It uses bespoke workflows to work through disputes in a sensible, logical format without legalese. After the online exchange of information, disputing parties can negotiate on the platform and are matched with an experienced neutral party for facilitated mediation, early-neutral evaluation, binding expert determination or binding international or domestic arbitration.

A customised video-conference tool is used to mimic a physical mediation centre. The mediator controls proceedings, enabling parties to convene in plenary session or in caucus. During the online conference, parties can text-chat privately or publicly and view information uploaded to the platform. On screen, the parties can work together on their settlement terms, which are instantly converted into a settlement agreement for e-signing.

In determinative dispute resolution, the online conference facility can be used for a hearing, with functionality to accommodate witnesses. But we understand that in some cases you might like to be present in the same location and if required, a physical mediation or hearing can be arranged to compliment the platform.

Over and above the ODR platform, we also offer an online conference facility (provisional patent application pending) for fast, efficient and amicable negotiation, mediation and hearings, where you can use our platform with your own appointed mediator, insurer or expert or to negotiate with third parties.

It is dispute resolution, redefined.