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LawGeex is transforming legal. LawGeex automates the review of everyday contracts through its AI Contract Review Automation (CRA) platform, ensuring contracts are compliant with company policies. LawGeex saves up to 90% of contract review time and cost, allowing lawyers to focus on impactful work. It helps legal teams reduce risk while supporting business growth, enabling in-house legal teams to become stronger partners with their internal business customers. LawGeex helps ensure that review guidelines are up-to-date and applied consistently. 

LawGeex uses natural language processing to identify legal concepts, not simple keyword searches – to ensure that contracts are compliant with company policies. For contracts that aren’t compliant, it identifies which clauses are unacceptable or missing, and suggests the right language based upon the contract playbook that the legal team has developed. The status of each contract is available to track and manage in the LawGeex dashboard. 


The LawGeex AI leads the industry in its accuracy, consistency, and scalability. Unlike less mature solutions, LawGeex comes fully pre-trained and ready to review contracts from day one and has successfully gone head-to-head with leading contract lawyers in an academic study. Moreover, unlike its competitors, LawGeex offers a full suite of enterprise-level features including Single Sign On (SSO) and integration with platforms such as Salesforce and Ariba.

LawGeex is recognized by Gartner, Red Herring, Wired magazine, and CB Insights as a leading force in bringing innovation and technology to the legal world – and is trusted by global firms such as eBay and White & Case.