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LawVu – an in-house legal operations management System that enables legal departments to seamlessly run their Legal Operations, Matter Management, Contracts, and specialised Knowledge all from one cloud-hosted platform, used by the likes of PWC, Telstra and Expedia.
Intuitive and easy to use, you can quickly start working on the platform that has helped in-house legal teams like yourselves to streamline their legal operations.
LawVu is easily integrated with Outlook enabling you to open new matters from within your inbox without changing screens or opening new software.

How it will boost the productivity of your in-house legal team.

As legal teams adjust to working in an ever-changing corporate environment and battle to manage all-increasing matters and contracts workload, an efficient matter management software platform has become a vital tool for today’s modern corporate legal operations departments to operate efficiently.

Matter management
Matter Management is made easy with LawVu. We’ve built our Matter Management platform from the ground up to empower your in-house legal ops team to view all issues across your entire organisation. With matter management at the centre of the LawVu platform, we enabled in-house teams to make better decisions and more efficiently manage the automation of matter management through increased collaboration, transparency and real-time reporting.

Contract management

LawVu has a simple contract automation, lifecycle management, notification and reporting suite that will transform the way your company manages contracts.

If contract management is your most pressing issue right now, choose LawVu knowing that you can seamlessly transition into our insights or matter management solution anytime.

Outside counsel management

LawVu’s e-billing and outside counsel engagement tools are the perfect place to start your legal operations journey if spend, or the performance of outside counsel are concerns.

Our unique approach goes well beyond tracking discounts via e-billing. LawVu encourages a more collaborative and transparent way of working together that results in better outcomes, and measurable improvements in the value your legal department can deliver to your company.

Reporting & analytics

Take complete control over spend, measure your teams KPIs, track outside counsel performance and analyze trends to for better decision making – all with LawVu’s built-in reporting and analytics tools.

Need more power? LawVu insights delivered custom build insights right to your dashboard.