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Litify helps legal teams bring their ideas to life, at scale, with the most transparent and extensible business management platform.

With Litify, businesses can finally tear down organizational silos by providing legal with the same platform technology that other departments are already using: Salesforce. Built on, Litify offers full access to the robust resources and capabilities of the world’s most powerful and secure platform technology, while equipping lawyers with the legal features they need to do their jobs well.

Litify offers everything legal departments need to manage their departments from one platform:

  • Built-in document management and generation
  • Knowledge management
  • Legal request management
  • Customizable matter plans
  • Transparent task management
  • Real-time analytics
  • Automated workflows
  • And more 

Plus, with the ability to easily integrate other applications and programs, legal professionals can access all of the data and tools they need without ever having to leave Litify.

With Litify, legal departments are finally empowered to:

  • Standardize request management.
  • Streamline contract lifecycle management.
  • Improve collaboration and efficiency.
  • And ultimately drive greater value for the business. 

It’s time to unlock the door to business transformation. Schedule a personalized demo of Litify today.

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