LTC4 - Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition

LTC4 - Legal Technology Core Competencies Certification Coalition

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is the global legal industry certification proving technology competence

LTC4 is a global not-for-profit organisation setting the standard
for legal technology proficiency. Working for a future where all legal
professionals use technology efficiently and can prove it. LTC4 has
developed a set of legal technology core competency Learning Plans and a
Certification process that focuses on the workflows that lawyers and
secretaries recognize. The community is growing fast with law firms, legal
departments and law schools across the world recognizing the benefits that
better technology skills can bring.

2021 is LTC4’s 10th
Anniversary year.  We are celebrating with a new look, new logo, new
digital badges, new certificates and a new forum for anyone involved in legal
IT skills improvement – it’s called the GDLN – Global Digital Learning Network.
Visit the new website to find out more