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Managed by Lawyers for Lawyers SM the foundation for Managed Discovery’s document review service is rooted in our prior experience as government and Big Law attorneys who understand client needs and legal requirements because we served as litigation counsel in our previous careers managing large document reviews in the US and Asia.  Managed Discovery is re-inventing the contract attorney review process to focus on the dual goals of cost efficiency and legal defensibility.  

We are sharply focused on the defensibility of our review, ensuring that all of our services are managed by qualified attorneys, well prepared to provide affidavits or testimony in the event of any discovery challenge. Our US-based attorney review is supervised by a former DOJ trial attorney with deep experience in the managed review process in addition to all market prominent, review software, so we’re platform neutral.  

In addition to our substantive review services, Managed Discovery offers compliance review to include GDPR request processing in the US and privacy and state secrets review in Mainland China.
Managed by Lawyers for Lawyers SM… let us re-invent the process for your next review.  We invite in-house legal teams and their representative counsel to inquire for further details.