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Xakia is an in-house legal management software, which centralizes information for a simple, single source of truth, helping your team stay on top of workloads, deadlines, and priorities. No more spreadsheets! Keep everything together and ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

Matter management tools help users capture key information (who, what, when, why) on all their legal matters. Expense management functionality enables users to better understand their organization’s legal spend, as well as analyze external expenses.

Real-time analytics enable effective management of team capacity, budget and clear communication with your clients. With Xakia’s dashboards and reports, users can check and understand important information at-a-glance, with beautiful, automated analytics. Dashboards and reports are automated and out-of-the-box, with flexibility to customize if needed, to replace manual, time-consuming processes.

Quick, seamless integrations with Outlook, Gmail and critical enterprise software ensure Xakia fits seamlessly within your existing workflow.

Xakia is secure, intuitive and quick to adopt (<1 hour) with powerful productivity improvements.

Key Benefits:
 Xakia provides a single interface for in-house legal teams to organize and manage all of their matters, including deadlines, tasks, updates and costs.

• Receive, review, triage and assign matters with Xakia’s simple legal intake tool, providing immediate process improvements without an enormous change-management program.

• Dashboards and reports available out-of-the-box provide immediate clarity and communication about the legal work landscape to identify opportunities for productivity improvements.

• Gain visibility into the Legal Department budget and spend with Xakia’s expense management tools to receive, review and approve or reject invoices for analysis at the matter, category, firm and whole of budget level.

• Easily track disputes and contracts by parties, key dates, key clauses, documents, outcomes and more and then have the aggregated analytics displayed in clear dashboards and reports.