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Xakia is an in-house counsel platform which serves as your legal operations hub by bringing together your data, technology tools and information in one place. 

With Xakia, each team member can manage their work with simple and intuitive dashboards and gain visibility about who is working on what and for whom.  

With Xakia analytics, you will have real-time access to budgets, team capacity and deadlines, empowering your team to more effectively deploy resources. Data analytics will help you communicate the value you bring to your organization and demonstrate your impact on the business objectives. 

Xakia is simple to adopt (be up and running in <1 hour) and intuitive to use, with powerful productivity improvements.

Feature list:

Xakia provides key features to optimize team productivity with a focus on minimizing the administrative burden to achieve this outcome. Key features include:

  • Matter intake and triage
  • Matter capture, collaboration and management 
  • Control and visibility over workloads, tasks, and deadlines
  • External fee and resource management
  • Automated data visualization with dashboards and reports
  • Dispute log
  • Contract log
  • Key software integrations